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We would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for each click that you posted on ourSOW IT FORWARD and FEED A CHILD  Charity Tins on Our Website.

This is what you have helped to create in the last four months


Furthermore by purchasing products labelled ELUKHOLWENI on our website under Organic produce when you are shopping, you are now contributing to making this project sustainable over the next several months.

We were able to achieve:-


  Bull Doze the area required

  Wooden and Shade net structure for classroom and young plants/planting

  Container to store our tools and supplies

  Seedlings for the nursery

  Made a compost bin

  Made a worm farm

  Made a Classroom area

  Planted a mini tunnel

  Built the wind break latte fence

  Supplied loads of seedlings and fruit trees

  Made a labyrinth using edible and useful plants

  Built the fan garden

  Stepping stones zone

  Built tyre gardens and painted them

  Acquired a gardener

  Grassing for the soccer field



Elukholweni Tunnel Project has been hugely successful this year in that:

-       We received a lot of community support on the project

-       It has been a buy in project from many like-minded people

-       It has been fun as well as educational

-       It has provided plenty of fresh organic produce to the school kitchen. For many of the children this is their only meal each day.

-       We have taught about the fun and importance of planting food crops

-       We have provided jobs, many casual and one permanent.

-       We are well on our way to becoming sustainable which is fantastic news for such a short space of time..



For the Period March 2015 to March 2016 we are requesting sponsorship in order to achieve the next level of our project. If you are able to support us with any of the below, we would really appreciate it:

  1. 1.Substantial amount of seeds and seedlings, composting manure for Winter and Summer crops ahead of us.
  2. 2.Expansion and continuation of the current infrastructure.
  3. 3.Skills education and development
  4. 4.Garden tools and equipment
  5. 5.Buckets, spray bottles, organic sprays
  6. 6.Tyres, crates, pots, paint, wood, chipping, fertiliser, or anything we can use.
  7. 7.Cash donations are also GREATLY appreciated in that they contribute to the above purchases.

We aim to reach a level of sustainability this year in that Elukholweni must sell enough produce back to Organic Footprints in order to pay for the gardener. This will require many seeds and seedlings in order to rotate crops, as well as close to the ground management of produce and feedback to Organic Footprints on a weekly basis. We believe this achievable.

We are Truly Grateful for your Interest and Contribution to our Project.

Lots of Love and Thanks

Nicola (Organic Footprints), Cindy and the Tunnel Team, and everyone involved in the Elukholweni Tunnel Project


Getting Our Clients Involved We have created several platforms where our suppliers and clients assist us in the above two fields, and welcome new ideas as we grow:


1. Customers may simply contribute by purchasing a product(s) on our online shop while placing their order called:

* Sow it Forward: Donate a Packet of Seeds  (R5 contribution goes towards the purchasing of needs for growing.)

* Feed a Child: Donate Towards Our Weekly Food Basket  (R5 contribution goes towards the purchasing of food for school children).

* Pass to a Pet: Donate 1 x Pets Mince  (R5 contribution goes towards the purchasing of pets mince for pets in need).

mission19   Island_forest_visit2_5   


2. Some clients love to get involved by offering their time, skills or labour to our projects. In which case they contact us to be informed of the various visits, where they are then able to tag along and enjoy in the pleasure of being a part of our projects on the ground.


3. We are always open to other ways that can assist our projects/communities.