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Organic Footprints

leaving a natural footprint for the next generation


Since the beginning of civilisation, food and farming have told a story of our societyvalues and our relationship with the Earth. Today, our ecosystems are under severe pressure because food is being treated primarily as a commodity. We can no longer deny the fact that our continual drive for economic growth has a drastic effect on the natural capital that our traditional economy is based upon.


If we don’t change the way we treat our food systems, our children’s future hangs in the balance.


Organic Footprints is passionate about restoring this balance between ecology and economy.


How do we restore this balance?

  • We aim to educate through our “seeds of knowledge” page.

    • This allows you to make informed decisions about your food purchases - and by doing so, reduce the negative impact you are having on the environment

  • We engage in empowering local communities by:

    • working with communities to grow their own produce and become economically viable

    • offering opportunities to local farmers by :

      • sourcing skills

      • creating demand for locally farmed produce

      • providing the distributiion outlet 

  • We intend to build a mindset of  buy local

    • Through our online shop, we support local farmers and offer their produce to the consumers of Port Elizabeth

    • Consider this:

because of the way we grow, harvest, distribute and prepare food, every one kilocalorie of food eaten has consumed about 10kilocalories of fossil fuel energy (dominated by oil).

Our 7000 kcal gallon of food therefore took 70 000 kcal of fossil fuel energy to produce, or a little over two gallons of gasoline.”

                                                Tom Murphy - Do the Math



We do this through:


  • Our online shop offers local produce that is farmed sustainably

  • We support community projects that grow food

  • Re-using and recycling what we can


You play an important part by:


  • Supporting our concept by shopping online with Organic Footprints

  • Enjoying the convenience of delivery to your door or to an established collection point

  • Engaging in our community projects (see our current projects on website)



Make a difference - Become involved !

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